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We value our patients and want them to have a great experience at Artisan Family Dental. Read what they have to say!

"I have been going to Dr. Cun for four years now. And now my entire family are her patients. The reason is, she and her staff make each visit a great experience. She and her staff knows that people have apprehensions when it comes to visiting the dentist, and she gives them a sense of safety every step of the way through the process."
- Richard C

"When I tell my kids (5 and 7) that we are going to the dentist, they respond with "Oh, yeah!!!" What more do I need to say? Karen is great and so is her staff."
– Alexandra E.

"As a mature adult handling my own dental expenses, I found that Dr. Cun not only provided excellent oral health care, but was also flexible in the cost of care. I take great pride in having a healthy smile and Dr. Cun has allowed me to continue my good habits on a budget. Thank you so much, Karen."
- Richard C.

"Dr. Cun has cared for me, my wife, and 7 year old for the last year. She has a great demeanor, and really explains the issues that I can say my last dentist never did. She does her own cleanings, which I appreciate because she gets more teeth time! My son avoids dentists, but he really likes her...he was even there for the ribbon cutting ceremony at her office."
- Dale W.

"We Love Dr. Cun and her staff. She is the best. Warm and fun personality that puts us at ease with dental procedures. Her knowledge is amazing and her approach to care is very contemporary and refreshing. My whole family is glad we found her. I actually look forward to seeing a dentist again."
- Teri P.

"Dr. Cun explained everything as she went along so I knew what to expect. The exam and cleaning was very gentle and thorough. She provided a lot of educational tips so I could do more on my own to limit my chances of needing expensive dental work in the future. I am happy that I have found a new dentist that I trust! I highly recommend her!"
- A M D

"Dr. Karen is the best! My 8 year old had some to have some pretty rough work done (including pulling a tooth) and she still LOVES Dr.Karen. She is patient & loving while getting the job done! The kids also really seem to take to what she says about dental care, they don't want to disappoint her by coming back with "dirty" teeth. Her office is small (and yes, she does her own cleanings!!) so it makes you feel much more relaxed and not like you are being rushed through the appointment. You can't ask for anything more in a dentist… knowledgeable, patient, flexible and caring. Thanks Dr.Karen!"
- Rachel K.

"Dr Karen Cun has been my dentist for several years, and has provided my regular checkups as well as helped the complex process of losing a Molar and eventual replacement with an implant. I was impressed by her advice as I was considering options, the efficiency of how she approaches her work, and how important the quality of her work was to her. At times when I was experiencing pain, she quickly discovered the cause and offered me several options for relief, as well as advice to prevent similar problems in the future. I find Dr Cun to be extraordinarily bright, skilled at her job, and concerned about her patients. She is also extremely personable and makes visits to her office a pleasant experience."
- Tom R.

"I would like all future customers to know that Dr Cun was born to be a dentist. The reason I say that is she is extremely gentle and is always for the well being of the customer."
- Sheri M.

"So I hadn't been to a dentist in years due to mine passing away. So I went and I even had a cavity and she was so nice, she massaged my jaw before she put the needle in and even let me take breaks to rest my jaw. I have referred other friends to her and absolutely recommend her especially if you have a small mouth like mine and are afraid of needles."
– Jennifer W.

"I have a good experience with ARTISAN FAMILY DENTAL. Dr. Karen Cun is a great dentist & she is very professional. She always attend to our needs & treats her patients very well & she always make sure that we are comfortable & satisfied. She is a very good dentist & the staff members are very courteous. Thanks Dr. Cun. We are glad that you are our family dentist.""
- Arlene D.

"I move from job to job and don't always have dental coverage. During those times when I had a cavity I would live with the pain as long as I could stand it. It was one of those times I met Dr Cun. I was ready for what other dentists tell me but she was different. This woman saved my teeth. I had several problems, no insurance and let my teeth go. After addressing the immediate problem (filling the cavity that was giving me the most pain) she put together a plan with cash discounts where over time I could get it all done. Made it affordable for me. Well after a couple years, about a dozen visits to her and two visits to an oral surgeon I got it all done. I really thought I was going to need dentures. I been to a lot of dentists in my 53 years. Granted technology has advanced in the field but still you are trusting a person to do the work. I trust Dr Cun, you can too."
- Mike H.

"I'm so glad I came to Artisan Family Dentistry. They are so welcoming. Dr. Karen Cun told me things about my teeth and overall oral hygiene care that my other dentist never mentioned! Thanks Dr. Cun! I appreciate you and your staff!"
- Mark W.

"I have been a Patient of Dr Cun at Artisan Family Dentistry for about 3 years and I am very satisfied. Dr. Cun is knowledgeable and she always make good recommendations! The staff is courteous and the office is always clean. I absolutely recommend this place."
- Javier S.

"I'm so glad I found Artisan Family Dental! I've developed a great relationship with Dr. Cun and I feel so comfortable with her & her staff. I tell all my friends about my dentist!"
- Asif S.

"I've had a great deal of dental work done over the years, including maxillofacial surgery, and used to dread going to the dentist. Dr. Cun was so calm and clearly explained everything she was going to do, what needed to be attended to immediately and what could wait. She is very attuned to her patients and takes her time, which is greatly appreciated. Dr. Cun donates her time and talents to helping the homeless which is not only a generous thing to do, but ensures that she sees a wide range of issues. So take heart, your little cavity is nothing compared to what she's seen!"
- Moira S.

"I was referred to Dr Cun by a friend and colleague at a time when I was very scared to visit a dentist. While I knew I needed to go, I was concerned that I may have a mouthful of work to be done, and I was not sure how I was going to manage it all at once. More than professional, Dr Cun was both kind and sensitive to my fears... checking in with me along the way to make sure I was ok. When all was said and done, there were only a couple immediate things to tend to... and a few others to watch. It was the best possible outcome. Dr Cun is a dentist that I would easily trust and refer."
- Suzanne B.

"Dr. Cun is excellent. She has a gentle touch (not rough like some dentists!), honest, friendly, caring and efficient. I even had an insurance issue and she was able to resolve it quickly. She has been our family dentist for years, and we highly recommend her."
- Happy Patient


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